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  • Machining / Processing ( grinding and mirror polishing ) and friction welding of the parts for industrial equipments.
  • Sales of Automatic Friction Welding Machines (Sales Agent of NITTO SEIKI CO., LTD. and UJIN TECH)
ISO9001 QMA13267MS-JAB CM009
Excellent Company of OSAKA 2021 2021Intellectual Property Reward

Roll and Shaft


  • Corrugated cardboard manufacturing machine
  • Film extrusion machine
  • Printing machinery
  • more industrial machinery

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Frition Welding

  • Joining dissimilar materials with no destroying joint part.
  • Reduction in production costs : which means no wasting materials and saving process.
  • Friction welding attendance examination (abundant achievements and experiences)
  • Orders for prototypes are available.
  • We accept orders for even one piece.
  • We are always open to factory tours.

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