Friction Welding Products

Seimitsu Friction Welding Products

We ride on the strength of Friction Welding, offer various products.

  • Orders for prototypes are available.
  • We accept orders for even one piece.
  • We are always open to factory tours.
Welding Products Materials FW Materials Use for
Motor shafts SUS420J2 + SUS316L Underwater pomp
S35C + SUS316L Blower
Butterfly valve SUS304 + SUS304 Valve
Engine valve SUH + SUS631
Accelerator shaft SCM415 + SCM415 Car parts
Constant velocity joint +
Counter gear +
Anvil SNCM619 + SCM435 Air tool
Ball screw shaft S45C + S55C Power cylinder
Pusher tube SCM435 + STKS-IC Machine tool
Pomp shaft SUS304 + SUS304 Marine pomp
Pomp shaft

圧接部: welding point

S25C + SUS304
Neck pipe SUS304 + SUS304 Waterworks
Post SS400D + S45C Knitting machine
Bobbin S55C + S55C Tire steel cord
A7075 + A7075 Synthetic fiber
Worm axis SUS304 + SCM435 Worm jack
Terminal SUS440C + SUS304 Printing machinery
Roller SS400 + STKM Printing machinery
A5056 + A5056 Copying machine
Pin SUJ-2 + SUS304 Meter
Main axis SUS304 + SS400S Breaker
SS400 + S45C Generator
Piston S45C + S45C Oil pressure chuck
Shaft MC
Transition joint

Friction welding parts:transition joint

SUS316L + A1100 Thyristor valve
A1050 + Inconel 600 Semiconductor equipment
Spline shaft S45C + STPG Farm machine
Conduction axis S25C + SUS304 Mixer

friction welding parts:terminal

SUS304 + C1020 Plug terminal
Magnetic roller S45C + SUS304 Magnetic card
Conductor C1100 + C1100 Electrical power
Tap drill SKH9 + SKD Cutting tool
Flange SS400B + SS400P Oil pressure manifold
Nozzle BC + CU Electrode
Eye bolt SS400D + SS400D Grinder
Sprocket S45C + S45C Rotary stocker

Friction Welding

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