Friction Welding

Friction Welding of SUS304 (Φ26mm)

Friction Welding History

Friction Welding is a method of welding that makes use of heat caused through relative motion in upset processing between one moving material and another stationary material, and fuse the two materials. 

The study of this method started in Russia, America and Japan around 1960, and the first welding machine for practical use was released in 1963.  It was realized the mechanization and automatization of welding operation, and then has greatly contributed to saving costs by its own quality progress and the low power. 

We immediately focused on the merits of this technology, and installed the 1st machine in 1975.  Since the first installation, we have made use of the technology for our production and that enable us to help our customer's cost saving and quality progress.  Now, our factories are equipped with 8 automatic friction welding machines.


  • High material strength of the connection
  • No need for welding fillers, solvent, or special groove machining
  • High energy efficiency
  • Joining different metals
  • Saving amount of material, or simplify the process
  • Reducing process time
  • High reliability by automatized process
Friction Welding Machine FF-45II (Nitto Seiki Japan)
friction welding
  • Orders for prototypes are available.
  • We accept orders for even one piece.
  • We are always open to factory tours.

Friction Welding

The next page introduces " How Friction Welding (Pressure Welding) Works " .

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