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We passed ISO9001 regular examination and the transitional inspections.

December, 2016

We passed the regular examination of the ISO9001:2015th edition and the transitional examination of the 2008th edition executed on 15th and 16th in December of 2016.

We will aim at a further quality control in the future and offer of product that customer can be satisfied.

We participate in ' Japan SMEs Tech & Services 2016 '.

August, 2016

Our company participates in meeting for announcing the results of subsidiary business for manufacturing and business matching meetings ' Japan SMEs Tech & Services 2016 '.

Japan SMEs Tech & Services 2016
Exhibition for new manufacturing and new service of small and medium-sized enterprises, Osaka venue
Session 14th - 16th in November, 2016
Venue INTEX OSAKA the sixth pavilion A・B 1-5-102, Nanko-Kita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka, 559-0034
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Horizontal friction welding machine FF-60II-C2SE+SP was newly introduced.

June, 2016

Specification of compound machine FF-60
Name Horizontal friction welding machine
Manufacturer Nitto Seiki Co., Ltd.
Type FF-60II-C2SE+SP
Thrust 392.5 KN (at 15.7 MPa)
Size of material that can be installed
Driving side
(diameter × length) : φ65×300mm
Fixed side
φ100×3500mm (by use of extension table)
Other function:

Complex processing before friction welding and deburring became possible by the latest deburring device.


Information of business partnership

April, 2016

We will inform you that our company formed a business partnership with Kawakami Works Ltd. (Osaka-Sayama City) in April, 2016.

By the tie-up of Kawakami Works Ltd. that has reputation in machine work and our company that has results of longtime friction welding, we will widely answer customer's needs and propose a high technology from friction welding to finish machining.

Kawakami Works Ltd. (Kawakami group)

Different material friction joints have been JIS standardized.


Our specialty, friction joints for dissimilar materials, has become JIS standardized.

Going forward, stainless steel and pure aluminum, stainless steel and pure copper will be classified as category 1, and other dissimilar material joints will be classified as category 1-5.

Standard No.
Standard name
Methods of test and classification of quality evaluations for friction welded joints on dissimilar metallic materials
Enactment date
March 22, 2016

Reference: Website of Japanese Industrial Standards Committee

Round ones, thin ones, and the ones that the cooling body was put in the cavity are technologies of the friction welding joint of Seimitsu Industrial Co., Ltd


We introduce the excellent friction welding technology of Seimitsu Kogyo.

Article:"Friction Welding of Seimitsu"

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