Friction Welding Videos

You can watch the welding process.

Seimitsu YouTube Channel

On our Precision Industry YouTube channel, you can watch videos of various friction welding processes as well as videos of the roll shaft manufacturing process. Please take a look.

Seimitsu YouTube Channel

Friction Welding of Pure Cu and Pure Al
Friction Welding of STKM13A Steel Pipes for Machine Structural Use
Friction Welding of S45C (Φ48mm) and SUS304 (Φ36mm)
Friction Welding of SUS304 (Φ26mm)
Friction Welding of S35C (Φ32mm)
Friction Welding of S25C (Φ115mm) and S25C (Φ55mm)


We introduce friction welding of the small diameter and thin wall pipes on the previous page.

We indroduce our friction welding products on the next page.

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